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on eagles wings


(painting commissioned piece for friend, see more of my artwork at owlmeetsfairy.etsy.com)

an eagle in the sky

and I want to sit on her wings

I will enjoy the fresh wind in my face and the sights below.


the word feels funny on my tongue.

It bites like dark chocolate and red wine. Red wine I swish and sip, dark chocolate I nibble and savor.

I sewed last night, the buzz of the machine was musical in my ears.

I sketched handbags in tattered sketch book

and sewed things that I like

The eagle sweeps down and picks me up, angels lay a daisy chain like a halo over my messy french braid

It flies me to a throne, But I do not sit

I dance with all those who are weary

all those who feel unloved

all those who are weak and worn

all those who search in the mirror for their beauty but can’t see past the refection cast by light.

the eagle has brought them too

One by one

they are dazzling and whimsical in their crowns and white dresses

all of us are dancing

twirling and smiling

Then I am back in my living room, laptop humming and woodstove warming my toes

Sister’s belongings are scattered around and puppy’s paint-covered-paw is flopped across my lap. Mum is resting her knees,

and the room next door is torn apart, but this place is just as beautiful as the dancing place

because the girls are the same

weak and weary but beautiful in his eyes. In his place

This is his place too, we have invited him here. Too see our messy renovation to warm his cold toes.

enjoy, dance and love

you deserve it, daughters of the king.


2 responses

  1. gorgeous! your painting reminds me of the quilt my parents have hanging up in their study.

    January 28, 2011 at 3:37 pm

  2. all those who search in the mirror for their beauty but can’t see past the refection cast by light.

    oh emma lynn… i wrote you a note this week, which i need to mail, and in it, i asked to see a photo of this painting, and here it is–and so stunning! you nailed it, friend. and then, the prose–it reminds me of the banqueting of the broken in the parables… lining up to ride on the eagle’s wings. how he’s given you a heart; and what a beautiful heart it is. helping so many.

    January 29, 2011 at 7:13 am

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