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this one is to love

He fed her a snack with a straw, then gently wiped away her drool with a terry cloth bib.

She was dressed in a purple track suit and sat reclined in her black rolling chair.

I watched from our circle of chairs.

We were circled around grandpa,

he told us jokes and pretended to blast off in his chair.

we burst like balloons filled with confetti

into giggles and smiles


Grandma fussed and brought out his Christmas gifts to show us.

She ran her fingers through his hair

and I understood.

I understood the simple sandwiches, Bun’s sliced in two, canned meat spread in the middle.

I understood her tiny pot of soup, made with frozen vegetables and broth with noodles.

The brownies from the freezer for dessert, with potato chips and little mandarin oranges,

I saw the couple in the hall, a man pushing his wife in her chair, looking proud as he carefully navigated carts and oxygen machines.

The walls were cream coloured and little blue snowflakes hung by fishing line from the ceiling tiles

Two goldfish swam together in a tank at my right side.

the filter bubbled and the florescent light buzzed

two Goldfish,

a boy and a girl,

they danced in their little tank, tails swishing and twirling

The fish becoming entangled in one another.

Grandma showed us the photo of her and grandpa dancing

his head hung low, her laugh lines beaming.

This man/woman love so foreign to me, the idea of it like a beautiful alien, I watched it make motion.

I watched the fish dance, and the proud man push his wife in her chair. Grandpa looked down and made funny noises, grandma laughed placing a hand on the lap of his elastic waisted corduroys.

this one is to love



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