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home sweet


we got snowed in the first three days we moved here

sister and I explored the windy terrain and found a mysterious box behind our shed


we made a game of jumping off it then landing into a big heap in the deep snow drifts.

Three days later when we brought brother home we showed him our game, and went down to the lake to watch the waves rolling

they screamed and whistled as they crashed into the snowy shore

puppy came home

she bleed deep red into soft snowy piles. blood dripping down like the tears on our cheeks

we cried when they took her today

sister shuddered out a frosted window, puppy’s toy bone pressed into her palm, her shoulders shook with such rage, such confusion

I gasped at the air, afraid to breath.

Then they brought her home. Now we wait in relief questioning an expensive surgery.

or is it time to say goodbye?


The fire crackles and I sit bundled in a long sleeve, brother and sister build a snow fort in the dark

home is where the family is.

put another log on the fire and cuddle up with a glass of wine.

say our prays and say goodnight



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