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we rolled ice balls on our knees. Cold water soaking woolen mittens and leaving a big damp circle on the front of each pant leg.
The clouds played peek a boo with the sun, we revealed grassy green streaks as we lifted what we could of the snow.
The second ball was great in mass.
I dropped my soaking mitts and pressed bare fingers into snowy ice. heaving it up-top the first ball.
then she placed the last ball
and named our creation Stanley
we ran indoors
enticed by the warmth and the smell of freshed brewed coffee.
but we had to be quick
we had a personality to create,
a raisin mouth and a carrot nose
Oreo cookie eyes
we stole a hat from our brother’s room
and I shed my mittens and she placed them over pokey twig arms
Would the new family see the beauty in our creation?
would the children refer to him as Stanley?
and would they shake their heads sadly as he melted away in the rain?
She stood at my side and told me his name was Stanley
S for Stanley
S for Snowman
G for Georgia, her stuffed G-giraffe
Did she know that we would NEVER make a snowman in this yard again?
That in a week we would leave and never return
never walk the halls
or skip down those stairs.
She watched in horror as we packed away our belongings
She tried to explain to the dog that they would only go in the box for a short time.
She hid in a box and told us to pack her away, tape her all up and open her on moving day
Mum and I dragged her box into the kitchen
then pulled her out and tickled her until we all sighed exhausted from laughter
Stanley melted today
I ran out in my moccasins to retrieve my wool mitts
his carrot nose discarded on the grass
a meal for a rabbit.
Stanley has left this place
and soon we will too.

Tonight I thank God for getting us this far, I know without a doubt in my mind that we will make it through till next Friday.The Big day


One response

  1. stanley is beautiful! may you be feel God’s peace surrounding you in this week before the move.

    December 3, 2010 at 2:27 pm

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