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a town full of strangers

Today we borrowed the house we are buying

We pressed our bare feet in the carpet, while a stranger checked the structure.

The rain dripped, it always dripped when we visited. It is mourning until the day we come to stay.

Sister posed in two bedrooms, trying see which suited her best. Which would look best painted a bright orange or yellow? How could she make routine and familiarity in these unknown surroundings?

We drove into town, and I tried not to think about the unfamiliar faces. Tried not to think about the fake smiles and degrading stares as their eyes followed me around their tiny shops like I was some sort of adolescent shoplifter.

Sister spoke in accents and giggled at the smallest things. I joined in an attempt to push my fears and worries away. Push them far off in the distance watching them grow smaller as they reach the horizon line.

Then uncle joined us for dinner. Sister warned us that he was too serious, and reminded us how she senses people like a dog.

With small talk and a carton of milk he stared me down from across the dirty fluorescent-lit table. I tried to be strong, to put on my hardest shell and reach fro the prize, but I failed and my pride came slamming to the ground. I picked it up and took it with me in the dark of a family car. Shoulders hunched, I let tears fall

It was a rough and tough day, my moccasins got all wet and feet were cold.

But its just a day, Lord will give us more. and plenty more in our new tall house. I put on my wool socks and say a humble prayer.

Thank you Lord for a soon-to-be house, ever-loving parents, and a giggling sister, I pray that my uncle finds laughter and that we can make home in foreign territory.



One response

  1. oneofheavensown

    I love this 🙂
    It’s a beautiful poem and I hope you make many memories in your new house Emma!
    It looks very beautiful, and perfect for your family.

    November 6, 2010 at 4:37 pm

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