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waiting for the sun

It was a day of racing hearts and waiting by the phone.

A man pulled up in a yellow jeep.

I hid in my room and pressed my ear to the cold floor

muffled voices rose up from beneath me

he was looking for the flaws in our home

I imagined the house collapsing around him

I would through my head back and laugh at the irony.

We sipped coffee and shifted uncomfortably in our chairs.

When would this end?

would they still want the house when the flaws had been photographed and lain out on a bundle of stapled papers?

What if they didn’t?

then what would we do?

the questions loomed in our minds

Mum prayed and asked for positive thoughts

we all waited

the sun set and the moon rose up in the sky

still the questions loomed

Two days before, I photographed a rainbow in the sky.

“the storm is over” I sang in my head

I repeated it today over and over trying to make it true. And the weather agrees, no more wind, no more rain.

the storm IS over

however clouds still loom like the questions in our minds

so we just wait

in this roomy house

look out the windows and watch for the clouds to clear

the sun will shine through

just holding on here.

praying for a sunny tomorrow.


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