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second-hand vehicles

time slips through my fingers

I try to flatten frizzy hair with clips and pins

my eyes show weariness from a long week of lost sleep.

of whispering “who will buy our house?” in the deep dark of the night.

He brought us a family

who speak a foreign tongue

the children work and the mother ties her hair up in a bonnet.

they dress up in hand-me-downs and drive past our windows in a second hand vehicle.

They are the family we prayed for, circled together in the kitchen, one afternoon.

I balm my chapped lips and look about my room, growing larger as it empties out.

soon this it will be empty then filled with another’s belongings

but it is not such a sad thought

because I know it is your will

and I know the house will be loved

a great deal of lessons will be taught here as they learn to own a house for the first time.

I whisper prayers into walls

walls that will protect this lovely family

“they will buy it” you whisper back to me


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