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spinning hope

a spider spins hope into a web on a white wall

a girl with three bracelets on her wrist types away on her keypad

a mother frets in the next room, brain working overtime

while husband snores beside her, tired from his long commute.

a child soon becoming girl, young woman, spins and dances

trying to find routine in chaos

tonight they will tuck her into a weighted quilt so that she does not float away

downstairs a young man is dreaming, his abstract mind twirling and looping, trying to embelish the fear deep within so that its easier to look at.

the clock on the wall ticks away

but the hands don’t move

tomorrow a family will walk these halls look in the rooms

look at the yard and see if there’s room to garden

if they are ready for change

the spider

so small on the wall

makes a web out of the smallest spool, threads dispensed from the tiniest hole in his bottom

makes a BIG and beautiful web

he’s spinning hope

he starts with the smallest amount and watches it grow

the clock ticks away

the hands will not move until the web is complete.


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