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Today they shared a picnic under the ever changing sun

dolls at their side

a bowl of grapes and milk in mason jars

gooey muffins and bottle for baby dolls

an onlooker would think nothing of it

but the one with deepset eyes was just entering adulthood

while the brunette with a sunny smile was leaving childhood

they were in different places

but here everything was perfect

Tonight they went to the fair

Lights flashed and children screamed

the younger one clung to the eldest

and tightly squeezed her hand

she hopped and flapped like a new bird learning to fly

as they waiting in line

the eldest saw the boy she knew

he would never understand

he looked on in confusion

I am the elder sister, with deep set eyes

I sit next my beloved brunette on carnival rides

feeling helpless that this is too much for her

the screams like jet planes taking off in her ears

the children like missiles shooting, spinning around her

She notices the lanky man running our ride

how he dances and cackles baring a toothless smile

I see the boy I know looking at me

He will never understand

Not many do, and that is alright

I’ll wait

The eldest sister will wait


she’ll wait patiently for the right one to come along

like she waits patiently now for the ride to end

for the teenagers to exit the gates

so she can hold sisters hand tight and run for the parking lot

Because once the two girls reach the orange lit parking lot they can breath fresh air

unpolluted with kettle corn and chili-dogs

They’ll return home to baby dolls and dance in their pink slippers


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