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the clickedy clack of the train

It was the best day.

I wrote letters on the train and picked through buttons and other vintages pieces in the market.

Pumpkin Chai tea left a trail of stain down my white top

but I smiled and wore the stain proud

We laugh and engaged eachother in dreamy conversation

The uncertain future, so fresh on our minds

She wore cowboy boots

I wore blue cords

and he wore a goofy smile, that made both us laugh

The street was full of strangers

but we were the only three there

I finished my book on the ride home

the clickedy clack of the train, just a soft hum in my ears

Waited at the station until I saw a little red car pull in and I collapsed next to sister in the backseat of family car

I showed off new belongings

We ran inside, getting sprinkled with raindrops and soaking feet in dark puddles

At home I felt something good

something I had not felt for so long

I cannot say what it was, but

I did not rush to my room to hide my face away

I did not have to blink eyelids, constant.

Keeping salty tears at bay

resting sore legs, I snuggled under quilt

sleeping with a smile, the outside sounds mixed with the ones inside singing a light lullabye

It was the best day.


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