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birthing monster

I remember what happened,

I made a vow to never have children

because I feared I may have one like her

One that required a little extra care

one that loved in a way I could not comprehend

a little monster

but no longer do i fear this little monster

today i took her to the museum

I watched her learn things with her touch then store them away in her memory

She told me to put my camera away, for she took photographs with her mind

she listened with exceptional ears and felt with extreme sensitivity.

at the end when we collected the experience over bubble teas and jenga she told me things I never saw, even though I was right by her side.

Today I realized that I would not mind having a monster of my own

One to tell me magical secrets and show me the world with a fresh pair of eyes.

I could introduce the two little monsters

and they would understand each other and realize they are not the only different ones in the world

I was no longer scared, the vow was broken

So I tonight I pray that

The Lord do his will with me, that he make me the woman he intended for me.

I have a renewed love for monsters


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