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letting go of what’s no longer mine

We scream and yell, stubborn personalities clashing. We don’t talk, just shout through closed doors. Tear streaked I tear through my things separating the necessary from the unnecessary and soon a large pile accumulates in my doorway.

It is a mishmash of things that will soon belong to others. Be sorted then bought up for nickels and dimes.

Some of these items hold memories, but I don’t care. They are no longer mine. Once it reaches the threshold to my room it’s tie is cut from heart.

I’m mad with her and frustrated. Her feeling the same towards me. But we can’t hold like this much longer.

She comes to my room, making her way past the roadblock of junk. I continue to sob and tears grow in her eyes. I talk until all the words that were drowning my brain are poured out.

we embrace and it’s over

I need this every now and then, it cleans out my mind and  my storage space


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