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kicking my heart around

(watercolor self portrait)

I was once just a sack of bones.

With nothing to hold it in place, my heart fell to my feet. I kicked it around on the old dirt road.

It was bruised and broken, covered in sand. To revolting to touch I stood and stared. Passerby’s saw and offered their help.

I laughed in their ears then kicked it farther, not turning around to see the hurt pour across their face.

But he said “give me your heart” A stern command.

I reluctantly picked up the dirty old thing and held it to his hand.

He molded and kissed it. Wiping away the sand with his soft touch. Then he placed it back inside me and filled me with life. He surrounded me with gifts and set me on my path.

I am no longer a sack of bones but a beautiful vessel filled with colors of paint.

My heart swims inside and splashes colors out across the ground.

I love a happy ending.


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