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new blue jeans

They came in a box. I swept them up and savored the surprise before opening it. They were meant to be worn and torn. Stained and strained.

They came out so fresh, with that distinct ‘new’ smell. For a moment I wanted them to stay this way. I didn’t know how I could possibly wear them.

But, in a week I earned my stains, like a boy scout earns his badges.

Strawberry stains from field picking with little sis. And grass stains from rolling and playing with the dog.

This weekend hopefully another badge was in line, a “HOUSE” paint stain representing the changes that were taking place in our life.

Some may say, ” what happened to your new blue jeans?” With a puzzled expression on their face. They may say that they preferred them clean and crisp. They may be upset with me or confused that I would let them get destroyed so fast.

But they are not destroyed, just writing their story. Clean jeans may look nice, but they have no tale to tell. They haven’t been loved the same, but rather they held their wearer back, judging those who ran through the mud, or knelt in the strawberry patch.

Sometimes we may wish our jeans could have stayed clean like when they first emerged from the box. But by staining our jeans we learn so much.

A blood stain, may be from a tragic time

a rip in the knee from a fall on your bike

salty droplets from the tears you cry

or maybe soil stain from a beautiful day in the garden

or acrylic paint,  resulted from a work of art. Your passion.

All wear, good and bad, it makes us stronger, but softens us the same. We have more fun and make friends with people living in the mud.

I think this is what Jesus was trying to show us. He said “come, follow me” as he too played with the mud dwellers.

So keep your jeans clean, if you would like. Stand back while we all eat messy berries and juicy watermelon.

But I will keep earning my wear and tear badges.

New Blue Jeans have quite a tale to be told.


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