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The sun is mixing colors in the sky as it drop down below the horizon. Glass of wine in hand and heart at my fingertips I settle at the keyboard to spill my thoughts. I have handed over my worries and am back to the point of bliss happiness, just so much satisfaction with what I have been given. I should enjoy this this time ,though a small bit of it stills contains fear. fear that everything could be stripped from my skin in seconds

then in an instant, I am in front of my canvas, paintbrush in hand. I am mixing colors but my color chart is nowhere to be seen. I just have to trust That the right colors will come. I must paint the sunrise correctly, but does he?

or does he just stretch his hand along the sky with complete faith and trust that we will love what he displays? Maybe he doesn’t care what we think, because he knows that in his own mind it is beautiful.

back to pure bliss, fear removed


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