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there was a daisy in my yard

There was a daisy in my yard

I was ever so tempted to pick it and save it away

store it in my window with my collection of sparkly gems that glow in the early sun

but it belonged to the backyard.

our backyard

fenced in to make it sacred

a safe place that hosted days of memories.

we swam in that yard

pure bliss

feeling weightless in the fridged waters

this spring I grew beauty out of earth

countless days in the hot sun

soil beneath my nails

Picking weeds and pruning

dancing with sister in the rain

oh so magical

then campfires and smores

bannock bread and pretend fairies

we climbed that tree

in a game it was our home

it makes me wonder about the people who will come to our yard in the future

will they cherish the fruits of the garden?

will they swim and laugh and play?

will they climb the tree that’s not really ours,

and run out to dance and spin when the rain pours down?

today I went to pick that daisy

press it and save it

a memory, a keepsake

but it was gone

and with it my worries

everything will work out

the not so perfect yard ended up being just what we needed

didn’t it?


One response

  1. oh yes… he uses the imperfect, doesn`t he… in this, grace, so much grace. love to you…

    June 23, 2010 at 1:33 am

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