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plastic pearls

I made her the plastic pearls.

She was gift from him

It was my gift to her.

A tuft of curls spilled from under her bonnet. Her boots tied tightly, made  a soft out of beat clomp as she danced around. A mismash of colours and clothing served as her formal wear.

She was my ragga muffin princess.

She lived with me in the raggamuffin palace.

She was all I needed. her hugs and her smiles. My lifeline.

Some people did not like the raggamuffin palace.

They loved the raggamuffin so much that they wanted her to have the best palace and real pearls.

But were real pearls tied with knots of love?

and would a marble palace make the raggamuffin feel confined?

Would she trip on her boots while dancing on the fancy floors?

In wanting the best for raggamuffin, raggamuffin was never asked what she wanted.

She wanted to be loved unconditional. She wanted to keep everyone close, she wanted to wear her plastic pearls and know that each was placed with reason. She felt safe in her palace of messy kitchens and cluttered table tops. Messy kitchens were for baking and cluttered table tops were for treasure hunts.

Those who prefered real pearls and riches could leave the raggamuffin palace. The could go live in kitchens with stovetops that sparkled, because they were washed after every use. With collections of priceless clocks and fancy decor. Floors that would scuffed if danced upon in your boots. They could go and be confined by the uptight society and spent their days doing dull unsatisfying tasks. So that at the end of the day they could come home to their what?

boxes of treaure and golden coins

cold golden coins.

The raggamuffin princess and I will stay at our raggamuffin palace and dance and sing and bake and hold eachother close. We’ll see the gifts the king has given us are not shiny and cold but they last . They last much longer than a lifetime can hold.


One response

  1. beautiful. haunting.

    June 10, 2010 at 1:28 pm

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