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Magic hugs and kisses

They lie there, in the confinement of their thoughts. feelings of desperation torment their minds.

Once upon a time he had magic hugs and she had magic kisses.

all the most horrible things in the world would vanish after a soft peck on the cheek and a sweet embrace.

But now she was broken beyond their repair.

She pulled away at any touch. She became confused by love and therefore took none for herself.

They lay there in the dark, any hope they had in those magical powers slowly trickling away.

But maybe she was wrong, by letting herself hurt was she hurting them more?

Everytime she turned from their arms was she stealing some of their joy?

Maybe the magic only works on those who recieve it.

If she could tell them this she would. Breaking into their dark room and wrapping herself in their love, getting tangled in a mess of arms and faces. She would share her apologies and try to give back the magic they had once offered her so frivolously.


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