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today I woke up feeling scared

not an emotion many sought after

BUT it was an emotion.


desert walking

We walk side by side in the desert

thistles crunching like cornflakes under foot

yellow buttercups catch my eyes

–I delight in your creation.

How does rhubarb grow without moist soil?

–How majestic are your ways

I look up at your smiling face, and I make a choice.

Yes I want this

more than ever

I choose you

allow me to introduce myself

I am a girl just wandering through this world, currently no direct path, however I know that God is with me and he will lead me where he wants me to go.

I like the summer, hibernate in the winter, drink tea and coffee like there’s no tomorrow and discovered this year that I love to paint. I have the most wonderful family, although we are dysfunctional at times, I know we always be there for each other.

I strongly believe that every person you meet places a footprint on your heart, even if it’s just a smile as they walk by.

One day i hope to travel, create, and love.

blotchy faced and swollen eyed

I woke up this morning, fixed myself breakfast, took my one million supplements and left the buttermilk on the counter so that it would reach room temperature.

I am going to make bread

Here i sit, typing my thoughts and sipping tea.

any unknowing onlooker would be surprised to find that I cried myself to sleep, but if they looked closer they would see my blotchy face and swollen eyes. Mildly recovering after a night buried in my camp quilt.

its no one’s fault.

the bobin ran out of thread.

stubborn people clashed

I felt a strange but familiar pain in my head

and the noises whirled together until I couldn’t understand.

Sometimes I would like to scream: DON’T SEND ME AWAY!


please just love ME for ME, that would be enough

but I don’t say these things, I hide away here behind my computer screen, put on a loaf of bread and tidy up the kitchen.

the sewing machine is too loud to start.

sunday afternoon

Church was brimming with playdough and potlucks

but I opted for a can of tuna on my salad and an afternoon of sun and garden quilting



leaning on a rusted railway

watching the cars go by

backyard battles

He thought about jumping an awful lot these days.

But down below, in the soft sand, a terrible feat was waiting…


She lay and kept watch, the hot sun beat down on her black fur, if she played dead he may get brave and take a leap.

she was tired

and sick of being dressed up and physically manipulated.

this was what she had truely been intended for…

bird hunting